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Questions about Seed Banks

Generally a Seed Bank (also seed banks or seeds bank) is a place to store seeds for genetic diversity preservation purposes. It is a type of biorepository that preserves genetic material.

A cannabis or marijuana or weed seed bank differs from the general definition mentioned before. A cannabis seed bank is a commercial business selling weed seeds for collectable, germination or preservation purposes.

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breeder is a person who selectively breeds mates, normally of the same breed to sexually reproduce offspring with specific, consistently replicable qualities and characteristics.

A cannabis or marijuana breeder creates new weed strains by crossing different varieties.

A multi-vendor or multivendor website or store is a platform for third-party vendors to sell in one place. In other words is a place where you can buy products or services from different brands. 

A cannabis or marijuana seeds multivendor offers seeds from different seeds brands and breeders. A multivendor can also be a breeder and a seed bank.

Buying marijuana seeds online in the United States it is legal.

The intent or the fact of germination of those cannabis seeds could be illegal, depends on the state.

Sending marijuana seeds by mail post within the United States it is legal.

The intent or the germination of those cannabis seeds could be illegal, depends on the state.

Adults from 21 years old.

Number of plants by State:

Alaska: 6 plants (in 2 times)
Arizona: +12 plants (medical use only)
California: +6 plants
Colorado: 6 plants (in 2 times)
Hawaii: +10 plants
Illinois: +5 plants (medical use only)
Maine: +6 plants
Massachusetts: +6 plants
Michigan: +12 plants
Missouri: +6 (medical use only)
Montana: +12 plants (medical use only)
Nevada: +6 plants
New Mexico: +16 plants (medical use only)
Oklahoma: +6 plants (medical use only)
Oregon: +4 plants 
Rhode Island: +12 plants (medical use only)
Vermont: +9 plants 
Washington: +6 plants (medical use only)
Washington, D.C.: +12 plants 

Where is it legal to grow cannabis in the US?

Click your State on the map to know US laws (2022)

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