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My name is Mario, I am from Barcelona, Spain and, I have been passionate about digital marketing since 2007. 

In 2016 I started working in the cannabis seed industry as the CMO for a seed brand. All of us digital marketing professionals who work in the cannabis sector know how difficult it is to advertise in traditional media.

Platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Shopify or Trustpilot let us open and then they close our accounts whenever they want and without any explanation. They don’t care about the effort, time and money wasted.

I have seen how TrustPilot has closed accounts like ILGM with more than 20K reviews or Seedsman with more than 15K, with no explanation.

On the other hand, in all these years in the industry I have seen that many new clients do not trust and are afraid of being scammed by Marijuana Seed Banks because they do not know where to look for more reliable information.

For these reasons, due to the distrust of customers and the lack of safe places where seed brands can advertise and has reviews, in 2020 I created Seed Bank Finder, a site to find and promote verified and popular seed brands and resellers around the world.




Reputable Business

Our mission is to gather, sort and rate the best seedbanks, breeders and resellers from around the world so that potential customers can choose a brand or reseller without fear of being scammed and getting a discount in the process ;).

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Under Development

As a startup we are slowly getting traffic and adding new listings to our seed bank directory. Find below our evolution and goals:

March 2020 - Foundation
June 2020 - +1000 listings added
October 2021 - Website online
November 2021 - Ad Manager
December 2021 - Affiliate Strategy
Jan 2022 - Oct 2022 - Top 100 Seed Banks
September 2022 - Social media Strategy
October 2022 - Sales Strategy
October 2022 - CRM Manager
November 2022 - Marketing Campaign
December 2022 - Newsletter development
January 2023 - Trustpilot import feature
June 2023 - Launch App
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