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Absolute Cannabis Seeds is a Galician seed bank born in 2013. We select, grow and cross outstanding plants to breed seeds of outstanding genetics and make them available to consumers at affordable prices. We are currently one of the few banks that offer all types of seeds: regular, feminized and autoflowering.

We are more focused on quality than quantity. We prefer to offer a reduced menu of excellent genetics than a very extensive one of mediocre varieties. We will be expanding our catalog with new additions, as long as they meet this criterion of quality.

Our seeds are packaged in pharmaceutical grade vials that protect them from light, air and humidity while preventing any manipulation of its contents from the time of packaging until it reaches the consumer.

At Absolute Cannabis Seeds we are very concerned about the way in which the seeds we produce are preserved and the conditions in which they reach our customers.

We pack our seeds in pharmaceutical quality vials made of amber colored glass, very resistant and closed with a watertight aluminum and silicone capsule. This container has characteristics that make it ideal for the correct conservation of the objects it contains.

The glass is a completely innocuous material, so it does not transmit any contaminant to the seeds and the amber color protects them from the negative effects of light, while allowing them to be seen from the outside.

Its hermetic seal, which prevents the entry of both air and humidity, guarantees perfect preservation of the seeds and ensures that the inside has not been manipulated in any way from the time they have been packaged until the moment they are opened.

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