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Aficionado French Connection is born from the award-winning collaborations between Aficionado founder Leo Stone and Professor Q.

Founded in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle region, Aficionado has been custom tailoring highly exclusive designer seeds for a small group of private clients for over 20 years.

By uniting legendary heirloom genetics and visionary artisanship, Aficionado French Connection exemplifies both the Emerald Triangle tradition of crafting premium seeds and the French Riviera’s world-class Horticultural reputation; that must be, at once, exceptionally bold and refined.

Strictly produced in limited numbers and characterized by unparalleled quality- our exclusive varieties are reserved only for the most serious connoisseurs.

All our genetics are selected and produced in Mendocino that grow under the natural sun on very specific soils.

Mendocino terroir is indeed made of very fine and swelling mineral soil from the mother rock called “Serpentine” this type of soil absorbs and restore water drop by drop to plants; combined at the ocean proximity protect by a mountain range that creates an area of low atmospheric pressure.

The singular conditions made the unmatched world pedigree and reputation for fine premium genetics from Mendocino.

From the local knowledge transmitted since 3 generation we noticed the natural adaptation capacities and the superiority of the genetics expression from the subjects grew under the natural Mendocino Sun.

Outdoor Hand pollinated Aficionado French Connection Genetics are Strictly produced in limited numbers and characterized by unparalleled quality for indoor and outdoor growers.

Our exclusive varieties are reserved only for the most serious connoisseurs.

Frenchy Cannoli had always thought, since the start of the collaboration, that Aficionado Genetics had great potential specially from the high-quality resin and rare terpenic profiles. They directly became his favorites strains choice and started work with them as soon possible.

If you ask to Frenchy Cannoli which is your favorite choice for hash making?

For sure he will answer: The Pinot Noir from Aficionado

Hash is the best way to reveal the farmer work and express the potential and terpenes of the genetics; which greatly helped to perpetuate its grandeur and incredible reputation across the world.

Aficionado French connection Genetics mare rich from their rare and powerful organoleptic profiles as: cherry, liquor ice, violet and truffle flavors, you can expect opulent and fleshy fruit flavors, but it is also always distinguished by their amazing balance and length on the palate. 

It can be considered as a legendary archetype of the greatest emerald triangle genetics. Aficionado French connection is obviously an outstanding genetics Quality and those who have had the opportunity to taste, vouch for it. However, even though it has been the best for quite a long time, it has also been facing increased competition from the other for the last past 15 years and always be on top of the Podium!

Aficionado is already one of the world most recompensed companies (21 trophies, 16+ Emerald cup: USA, Canada, EU, South America)

Always demarcated by their tasting notes scores for some of the greatest vintages and rare genetics Aficionado French Connection legend remains, and now available in Europa !