Growing happy, healthy plants and passing that health and happiness onto you is our passion

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Our mission is to provide the highest quality, cleanest, healthiest cannabis. Our standards are set by our own personal experience and background as both cannabis users and growers. We are responsible, ethical and inspired to grow in innovative and unique ways.  

The health of our plants and by proxy, our customers, is our number one priority; we believe that plant production should never come at the expense of human health or the health of our planet. Local, sustainable and artisanal are second nature to us and we pride ourselves on upholding those values. Because the medical patient and chronic pain sufferer are close to our hearts, we specialize in custom, CBD-rich strains for the benefits we have witnessed in others and personally experienced. We are a small, family-owned company and we treat our plants and our customers as family too.

Above everything, we put all the love and care we have into our plants. They are always free of toxic chemicals and fed the highest quality, sustainably-sourced, natural nutrients available. Healthy plants pass on their benefits to create healthy people.3

  • Grow high quality plants in an environmentally conscience way; using sustainably sourced, natural ingredients, absent of harmful chemicals.
  • Give back to the community which has supported us.
  • Pay homage to the plants we owe our success and health to.
  • Create custom cannabis strains containing a wide variety of cannabinoids and a range of CBD ratios to treat many different medical conditions.
  • To educate and involve the public on the benefits of sustainable farming, modern techniques and the many uses of cannabis.
  • Our nutrients are made from the finest natural and organic ingredients. Many of them are made of byproducts from organic farms that would otherwise go to waste.
  • We proudly use Nectar For The Gods products.
  • Synthetic fertilizers are either mined or created in labs. Mining these elements is damaging to the environment and leaves a huge carbon footprint.
  • Synthetic fertilizers make their way into our water supply and often end up in our rivers and oceans. These chemicals then either kill wildlife on contact, or cause algae blooms, which create dead zones.


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