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We Are Amsterdam Genetics | Quality Is In Our Genes

The tale of Amsterdam Genetics is a true love story that begins and ends with quality. We are a dedicated team of growing fans and herb gourmets based in our beloved Amsterdam, the undisputed native soil of modern cannabis culture. From here, we have spent the past decades devoting our efforts to cultivating the best cannabis seeds on earth. For us, it’s not even a choice, really: that’s what you get when quality is in your genes…

That Genuine Taste Of Amsterdam

We cherish the classic genetics we inherited from the global weed capital. We see you – the world – visiting this town every year, aching for another taste of the best cannabis on the planet. You’ve proven your love for our Amsterdam Genetics, and we want to give something back. We aim to provide every cannabis lover with the first-rate cannabis seeds that are literally at the root of our shared passion.
Here at Amsterdam Genetics, these celebrated roots dig deep into the rich soil of Dutch cannabis expertise. We’ve got all the classic strain genetics at arm’s length, but we’re always keen to innovate. We take the best of tradition and cross it with the latest prime genetics developed by the global grower community.

The Mission: Sowing The Seeds, Spreading The Love

Spreading the love for matchless cannabis genetics is how we stay ahead of the game. It’s why our fanbase keeps on expanding. It’s also why you see more Amsterdam Genetics seeds emerging in back yards and grow rooms around the world with every year that passes. You help us spread the love; we share our knowledge to help you grow. Together, we keep on sowing the seeds of that unmistakable Amsterdam spirit of liberty. We don’t plan to stop until every grower and smoker is free to taste the flavours of our common cannabis capital, no matter who or where you are.

That’s how we keep on proving what the cannabis community has known for decades: growing together is the best way to enjoy the fruits of our labour. So come on in and don’t be shy: every home deserves a bit of true love from Amsterdam!

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