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The Anesia Seed Company breeds and developes for more than 15 years, cannabis strains and brings a wealth of experience and know-how so that we can ensure the optimum genetics with the highest quality for you. Our professional and experienced breeders and botanics from California and Spain are working on the research and development of cannabis genetics and various new breeding strategies. Our Strains are amazing and endless strong and potent, like we love it on our own. Test it on yourself, you will feel the difference.

Strong Strains

Our Strains all have an extremely high THC and cannabinoid content. They were bred specifically to the effect and therefore also find wide applications for medical purposes.

innovative & practical

ANESIA Seeds developes cannabis strains that are genetically stable and geared to the wishes and needs of growers in the highest degree. We breed the Cannabis Strains which are also needed and desired by hobbyists. We pay particular attention to characteristics such as mold resistance, high resistance to disease and pest and healthy growth. We select in long processes only the best of the best plants for further breeding-projects to get perfect unique Cannabis-Strains.

Safe & discreet Shopping

We do not store any data! Our site was repeatedly expert safety-tested and we basically give no information to share or sell any datas. Our seeds are shipped very discreetly and safely in a neutral parcel / envelope.

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