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Annunaki Genetics, established in 2012, embodies the passionate tale of Adam, its founder; a human drawn to the garden. What began as an infatuation for growing garden shrubs and ornamental flowers quickly developed into a deeper appreciation of horticulture that included cannabis.

He was of course drawn to it for its therapeutic effects on his well-being in both the consuming of the flower and in the growing of the plants. Being naturally equipped with a green thumb, a verdant heart, and a keen eye, breeding came easy to him and before long he had numerous varieties that were highly acclaimed in the industry, including Pink LemonAid, Strawberry Mamba, Huckleberry Soda, Good Heavens, and a CBD cultivar he named Sour Cyclone that has won twice at two different High Times cannabis competitions in 2017 and 2018.Adam runs a true perpetual-garden where cannabis plants are in full-bloom every day of the year.

This provides a tremendous opportunity to trial, evaluate, and spend real-life time with hundreds of unique plants throughout the year. When he decides to utilize a plant for hybridizing pursuits you can be sure it’s the best-of-the-best because it’s already proven itself worthiness against the many other tried-and-true, permanent-keepers he holds in his collection.

There are many different pursuits when it comes to breeding cannabis plants. Many breeders strive for better flavors and aromas, some shoot for extremely high resin content, some just breed with names, and some are more focused on the physiological effects, but Adam/Annunaki Genetics breeds primarily to create better live cannabis plants.

The sheer garden-performance of the plants themselves including yield, hardiness, growth structure, and overall appeal is what appeals to him the most. A cultivar that consistently outperforms most everything in the garden is the plant he will use in his crosses.

There’s no tolerance for special-needs or finicky plants in his program(s), as he rejects more cultivars — no matter the hype — if it does not meet, in his humble opinion, his standards. Being the first to market? Not Annunaki. They boast quality over quantity, every time.

For Annunaki Genetics, validation comes from gardens both near and far where AG seeds have been grown-out by hobbyists and professional growers alike who have reflected their positive experiences back to the AG team, confirming the inherent genetic quality of their cannabis seeds.