Asturjaya Seed Bank

Asturjaya Seed Bank

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Dear friends, it is a pleasure for me to present the Asturjaya seed bank, totally handmade. The entire process from sowing to harvesting the plants and the subsequent selection of the seeds is done by hand and with an exhaustive quality control. The cultivation of plants is totally biological. That is why I want to tell you that all those who have already trusted and those who will do so in the future, that you have a top quality genetic product in your hand. The big difference between this bank and others is that the seeds are made under the sun and the moon in the open air without greenhouses.

If something characterizes the Asturjaya varieties, it is the strength and speed with which their varieties grow and flourish.After 22 years of cultivation and genetic selection from producing countries, the result is varieties with high resistance to pests and diseases, with flowering periods. very short compared to commercial varieties.

The cultivation conditions in Asturias are harsh, this accompanied by rainy autumns have made us select the paretals used to cross the strongest and fastest. We only hope that these precious jewels that you hold in your hands will be treated with love and respect, and they will return your care with a harvest of totally surprising aromas, flavors, and effects. It is our little contribution to the world of medicinal cannabis. Without more a greeting with the heart and happy harvest.


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