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Autofem Seeds works just with AutoStrains, meaning do not need light changes to bloom.

Autofem introduce two high power and yield series: Stable AutoFemale Hibrids & Automatized Landraces with no hibrid nor feminized process at WILD!!! Series

Few years ago became to the world the “Automatic Strains” which no need light changes for bloom and they do it automatically when reach the right moment. They was a great improvement since they are ready in about 60 days from seedling and have no troubles with light pollution as street lights and so.

In the beginning, automatic strains gave poor yields and low cannabinoids levels. That problem was resolved by Autofem Seeds and his high yield strains, with all the taste, flavor and high as the “classics” strains. After, some breeders try to improve to the max the yield of the autos with that called “Super autos”. Unfortunatelly, they extend the harvest time from 80 to more than 100 days in some cases to reach her goal. Then that strains are not good for indoor growing and outdoors is better to use clones for that times, except if you are growing out of season.

Autofeem Seeds choose to focus on indoor growing due our strains are ready to harvest in 60 days from seedling and yields enough to be interesting. Then we had develop during last years an special selection process adding to all our original strains a breed line with very low sensibility to the photoperiod.

Thanks to this new cross, you DON’T NEED to maintain 20 or 24 hours continuous light once the bloom has begin. You can put it at 12/12 as the classics strains without yield loose and save money with the electrical costs.

All the other characteristics remains the same, as the light pollution resistance or their results outdoors. Yield, flavor, taste & high are keeped and improve.

So, you can put automatic Autofem Seeds strains indoor from now, without increase the electrical invoice. You only need to keep them at 20 or 24 continuous light until they begins to flower by themselves. One week after of that, you can engage “The 2nd Gear” and put it to 12/12 or keep them with continuous light. Now YOU can choose.


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