AutoMaris Seed Bank

AutoMaris Seed Bank

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At AutoMaris we focus on product quality and excellence. We take care of every detail, no matter how minimal, reflecting it in the final product.
We dedicate our effort to people who trust us trying to reach those who do not know us yet.

AutoMaris is constituted in order to commercialize auto-flowering marijuana seeds with the highest quality and the minimum effort for those who cultivate them. Providing you an easy and happy experience.
From the constitution of the company, a great selection process begins, pouring all our efforts into developing better auto-flowering varieties, with medicinal interest.

We dedicate great efforts to R&D to be at the forefront both botanically speaking and medicinally, since our beloved plant has shown a multitude of therapeutic uses for thousands of years.

We go as far as the law allows us with respect to the products we offer, to cross every border and reach each person looking for a natural remedy, an effective remedy born of nature is our goal.

We care that people feel satisfied, advising them, answering their questions and working for them day by day. Development and effort are our motto.

AutoMaris is the first Spanish company to produce seeds, producing each and every one of them. At AutoMaris we select and seal seed by seed ensuring the highest quality. We have a developed packaging process that ensures total quality and vigor for when the seed has to emerge. Our seeds are made from the most representative plants. Only the best plants serve to follow a cross, a mixture of years, virtues, experiences and feelings. An always safe value.