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B.I.G. (Barcelona Investigation & Genetic) is a collector’s cannabis seed bank. BIG Souvenirs is the distributor of BIG Seeds.

Its founders, residents of Barcelona, ​​have launched new high-quality feminized cannabis hybrids, adapted to indoor and outdoor cultivation.

In recent years, Barcelona is becoming the new European capital of cannabis. Thanks to the multitude of Cannabis Social Clubs, Cannabis Associations, fairs and events, the level, experience and demand that growers and professionals in the sector have reached has reached heights never imagined.

The BIG Seeds team has spent years working and selecting genetics to achieve new hybrids of the highest quality. Among our first feminized, stabilized and commercialized strains during 2014 are Big Mamut (Greenhouse White Shark x CBD Shark x DNA ReCon) or Critical Raskera (Mr. Nice Critical x Sensi Black Domina “La Barraca”).

After years of research and coming into contact with the best professionals in the sector, the big Seeds team has had access to the best genetics, popularly known as elite clones. From the best possible combination between these genetics, the BIG Seeds seed bank was born, with the most popular varieties in Barcelona: exquisite, fast, powerful, with a large amount of THC and productive. Thanks to the rigorous search and breeding process, we have achieved top-level hybrids.

In 2016 we have released two varieties of marijuana. The new line of BIG Seeds Tributes seeds aims to honor some of the most famous and popular varieties of marijuana. Big amnesia and big lavender are the BIG Seeds Tributes 2016.

Our sales policy is based on dealing directly with stores and growshops, without going through any large distributor. Thanks to our philosophy and our work policy, we are able to offer a high quality product at an affordable price. Buy feminized marijuana seeds BIG Seeds (Barcelona Investiation & Genetic).

We have a constant FeedBack with our clients and points of sale, offering a personalized and tailored treatment. Whether you are a collector, a shop, a cannabis professional or a recreational or medicinal user, the BIG Seeds strains are designed for you.

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