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Bay Seeds

All crossed with TNR

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Bay seeds was established about 5 minutes after legalization in South Africa, at least the idea was.

I was appalled at the high prices of good genetics. I decided to go on a seedmaking mission. I could choose only one male to be sure of the outcome crosses.

I chose T.N.R males as my breeding pollen for F1’s by KC Brains in Holland. I chose tnr because its Massive, strong 22% Thc, extremely pest resistant, 1KG potential per plant, yet easily trainable and very easy to induce early flowering like my preference is. I prefer lots of tiny plants, large variety, in a small area. But their genetics still allows you to grow giants if you choose to. 7 F1 new strains are available soon. 

Seeds from Bruce Banner 3, ak77,ak47, blue dream. All crossed with TNR.


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