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Bee’s Selection

I take joy in seeing what people can do with my work

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Welcome to my website! If you’re here, it’s because you and I share the same passion. Based in the Phoenix area, I own a large collection of rare and unique collectibles, which I invite you to explore below. Also, check out my Instagram page @Bz_SelectSeeds for more pictures and upcoming crosses and seed information. 

I started doing this as a hobby, collecting seeds and over time I had an abundance. I need to let the rest of people enjoy the fruits of their own labor, I take joy in seeing what people can do with my work. 

No collection is complete without including a stunning display of one of it’s offspring. Whatever you’re into, my collection is guaranteed to impress! For more information about these or other collectibles, please reach out.

My passion for collecting started as I explored the world of cannabis. My favorites coming from Big Name Breeders who craft very wonderful genetics. 


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