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We breed, develop & improve our genetics every year to make sure that the your experience when purchasing Big Buddha Seeds products is first rate.

Big Buddha developed the ‘Big Buddha Cheese’ seed way back in 2002 and is recognised throughout the world as the creator of the Cheese seed.

Big Buddha is a legendary seed breeder. It produces some of the finest seed strains on the planet. 

Based in the UK, the Buddha has cultivated an amazing line of seeds and won a amount of Cannabis Cups.

Big Buddha is the original producer of the now globally coveted Cheese strain. The Big Buddha has been writing articles for Weed world for several years, as well as providing pictures of the Cheese. 

Big Buddha has also had the potential to work on his genetics in the Meditarranean area.

Once some seeds had been produced and passed to colleagues in the industry, Big Buddha  began full commercial seed production, with an accent on testing vitality, stability and germination rates of the seeds.

‘Say Cheese’ Baby!