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Unique Genetics since 2002

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After conducting research, it was determined that there are no reviews or indications that Blimburn Company is a scam company.

The company has been in operation since 2002 and is registered as a legitimate business.

Their legitimacy is reinforced by their active participation in leading global cannabis expos.

Additionally, Blimburn has a positive reputation within the online cannabis community, with many customers expressing satisfaction with their products and customer service.

The business is located in Barcelona, Spain.

In addition, Blimburn Seed Bank has established a warehouse in the United States, enabling them to provide prompt shipping to customers within the US without encountering customs-related complications

Yes, they have a phone number, but they choose to not show it to the public, so we respect that.

If you want to contact them you can email them at

Blimburn accepts multiple payment methods, including Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover), Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Cash by Post, and Money Order/Cash.

In addition, for US customers they have Venmo, Zelle and Paypal options

When selecting a payment method during checkout, detailed instructions will be provided, and the confirmation email after checkout will also include payment instructions.

Yes, they do offer wholesale prices by purchase volume.

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General Reviews & Online Reputation

In order to obtain a complete overview of Blimburn Seeds Bank reputation and liability, we made a research to find information about the company’s online reputation, general rating scores and product reviews on trusted cannabis communities and review platforms .

Yes, it is. They have a stealthy and discreet shipment. Play video below.

Blimburn Stealth and Discreet Packaging
USA – USPS2 to 4 biz days
Canada – Regular2 to 4 weeks
Canada – DHL Express4 biz days
Europe – Regular1 – 2 weeks
Europe – DHL Express4 biz days
UK – Regular1 – 2 weeks
UK – DHL Express4 biz days
Thailand – Regular1 – 2 weeks
Thailand – DHL Express4 biz days
Oceania – Regular6 – 8 weeks
Oceania – DHL Express5 – 7 biz days
South Africa – Regular6 – 8 weeks
South Africa – DHL Express5 – 7 biz days

Yes, they have free shipping for orders up to $70.

They offer guaranteed delivery for the following countries only: USA, Canada, UK and Europe.