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Breeders Boutique

Honoured to be able to share this passion with you.

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Breeders Boutique brings products to you from a group of growers and breeders from across the World.

The collective of growers that Breeders Boutique has tapped into enables us to bring you previously unavailable hybrid crosses developed by people who are in love with the beautiful Marijuana plant and the many varieties and sub species that is represents.

After many years of growing, smoking, and consuming marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes, the “grow collective” decided it was time to release some of the best herb they had come across, but with their own special twist of course. Their love of growing Marijuana is equal if not more than their love of consuming it and Breeders Boutique are honoured to be able to share this passion with you.

The collective is a group of growers that are spread throughout the world and have come together to share their genetics, enabling you to have the pick of the choice strains that they have collected over the years, and in some cases genetics that were previously restricted to particular geographical areas and elite clone only groups.

The collective is a mix of growers that grow for both medical and recreational Marijuana purposes. We believe that Marijuana should be available to all who wish to benefit from its amazing properties. To find out more information about the properties and medical benefits please have a look at our product information for more details.


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