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After many years developing the largest, strongest and most stable genetics on the market, BSF SEEDS is born, a selection of the best varieties in the world under a unique concept that brings together an urban lifestyle, with the best seeds that a bank can have.

Each one of our seeds has been selected one by one and hand by hand by our experts, we have high levels of demand and we use a strict phytosanitary inspection based on totally organic products, allowing us to produce clean and high quality seeds. All our mothers have been awarded on many occasions, so they are a safe bet to create unique, own and exclusive crosses selected for their production, strength and speed, which in a short time have become so popular, allowing us to produce new unique strains in the market.

At BSF SEEDS we have available for you different varieties and mixes of the best strains for all audiences, which allow you to have the best genetics in a single pack and at the best price, so that as a great collector, you can have them all.

We are producers of all our seeds, either by our breeder Mariano Duque or by collaborations and / or collectives across three continents (America, Africa and Europe), the result of our close personal relationships with our passion for our ancient plant.

In 2020 we continue a path that began in 2001 in Spain and that has led us to work in many countries and continents building this great project, which is nothing more than the fruit of our passion.