Buzzer Organic Seeds

Buzzer Organic Seeds

Strains, seeds at fair prices!

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The production of seeds of organic quality and, therefore, is the basis for a successful organic cultivation.

The preservation and distribution of non-hybrid land races and, therefore, for the preservation of genetic diversity.
breeding varieties of medicinal hemp.

Cultivation of marijuana and hashish plants with unique characteristics

CBD hops, THC hops, old proven PAC varieties and new mutants P.A.C. Strains, seeds at fair prices!

Our varieties have been grown outdoors since 1998 in order to obtain plants that are as resistant as possible. Breeders around the world participate in the further development of the PAC varieties and the first generation of Swag original is available in exquisite quality.

Medicinal smoke hops, the secret grass, is used in the same way as cannabis. The effect is optimal for medical applications, it is smoked as usual.

It immediately gives a pain-relieving and calming mood, an inner cosiness sets in and you forget to ask for a smoke for an hour in order to dampen pain and fear.


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