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Leaders in Organic Cannabis and Natural Farming – Gage Green Group – Planting Seeds of Divinity.  Leaders in natural farming and boutique cannabis.  GGG crafts flowers and seeds in an all organic, natural ecosystem.

Gage Green Group is renowned for their preeminent genetics but GGG methods go beyond cannabis; it’s a way of life for Jeff and Mike. Together these two deeply and intentionally explore regenerative, natural farming methods to not only continuously improve GGG genetics but to also bring forth natural healing methods and protocols to the collective.

GGG crafts flowers and seeds in an Advanced, Regenerative, Natural Farming Ecosystem — the GGG BIODOME. Created by natural farmers, scientists, artists and healers, the GGG BIODOME is a manifestation of centuries of combined experience to bring forth Heaven on Earth.  GGG works with the finest growers in natural farming to produce world-class boutique Gage. 

Our team works diligently, day and night, to produce divinely cultivated Herbs.

The GGG PROCESS: A boutique & organic growing process to serve connoisseurs with the finest tastes & sensitivities.  Proprietary methodologies & inputs. No shortcuts or compromises.  Crystal Technology. Grounding. Magnetics. Full Organic Practices & Inputs.  Ecosystem Biomimicry. Rife Frequencies.

Published and featured in High Times Magazine, Skunk Magazine, Treating Yourself Magazine, Probiotics and Cannabis Magazine, Cannabis Now, Detroit Metro Times, Releaf Magazine, The Cannabis Grow Bible, Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook & more.


Founder, Owner, Gage Green Group

JEFFREY WILLIAM SELSOR, artist, musician, entrepreneur, cannabis industry pioneer and master seed breeder, is the Principal Owner of the Gage Green Group, a boutique cannabis company focused on bettering the community through natural healing and natural farming.  Under his visionary leadership, the Gage Green Group has become famous for producing and breeding the world’s finest quality cannabis and other health remedies.

Jeff’s passion is to create art which lifts up and heals. His art and his life’s work is to pursue the finest and the best.  His art and his craft have created some of the world’s most benevolent and beautiful cannabis.  Art and expression has always been Jeff’s calling. His positive impact and steadfast commitment to living a life dedicated to nature and helping others has helped thousands.

A child protégé, the arts and music have been a driving passion throughout Jeff’s life and an integral component in his philosophy of living and farming.  Since 1973, young Jeffrey exhibited and sold fine art to collectors and galleries, and received numerous prizes, acknowledgements and accolades. He went on to earn his Bachelors in Fine Arts from San Francisco State University.  Jeff served in the United States Army in 1975 as an Infantryman stationed in Neu-Ulm Germany.

Always a savvy businessman, Jeff founded and operated JWSELSOR & ASSOCIATES, a successful fine art framing business in Oakland California for over 15 years.

Jeff has been a California caregiver and patient since the beginning of medical cannabis.  He became a caregiver and producer of craft-quality cannabis.  His focus is producing top quality medicinal seeds that would help those it touched.

At the helm of Gage Green since 2013, Jeff has been a force in the emerging cannabis industry for a generation.  Among his most notable accomplishments, Jeff is a recognized champion grower and breeder, the creator of over 200 Unique Crosses including Grape Stomper, Mendo Breath, Mango Puff, High School Sweetheart, & more.

A lifelong researcher of nature and science, Jeff has immersed himself in the study of natural healing and natural farming. Jeff lives by an ethic of quality consistency without compromise.  This is what has allowed him to create some of the world’s most delighted and memorable cannabis varieties for healing and meditation.


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