California Breeders Association

California Breeders Association

We are not controlled by a corporate monster

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We are a group of growers/breeders from the Emerald Triangle that have expanded onto greener pastures, helping other breeders on the same path.  We are not controlled by a corporate monster.  We love the underdogs!

We enjoy growing and breeding organic marijuana 🙂  Knowledge is everything…and good management helps too.

Our genetics have been tried and tested in the field.  For any reason if you are unhappy with your order please do contact us.

Our support forum is on THC Farmer, please check there under the “breeder” section for support and questions.

We provide as many stable flavors as possible.  Our catalog is one of the most complete in Europe with North American favorites.

All strains have acclimatization information included in the “strain info” area.  Please check what strain is best to grow in your area.

We will be launching in mid 2013!!


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