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The company CanapAroma Srl was born from the idea of ​​three friends of the Castelli Romani, including a graduate in Biology and Agricultural Sciences and a design student, who for years have been competently dedicated to the study of hemp in all its aspects. Tired of seeing this plant demonized and surrounded by an ever greater abandonment of agricultural land, due to a building speculation that led to an asphyxiating urbanization, the idea was born in them of revaluing the territory through the cultivation of this plant, an extremely sustainable species with multiple uses.

Starting from information and awareness of this issue is essential to convey the potential of hemp to a public that has been oppressed by prohibition for years, guilty of making this crop a taboo. Italy was one of the main producers of hemp and possessed numerous fine varieties, of which unfortunately very few remain today and all this due to a policy that is not at all far-sighted.

The intent of the CanapAroma company is therefore to make this plant known to adults and even more to young people, transmitting to them all those noble and disparate values ​​that belong to this species and that prohibitionist policies have obscured, bringing children to approach to hemp for the sole purpose that instead he had blindly tried to fight.

Now is the time to say enough and to resume what was tradition and economy for Italy in accordance with a type of sustainable development at every level; this is why CanapAroma, in addition to the marketing of products, intends to organize events, revalue abandoned land through the most suitable cultivation systems in which to insert hemp as an excellent renewal species and low impact, promote social agriculture in collaboration with virtuous Municipalities who see the elderly, the disabled, the unemployed and migrants as a resource and not a threat or a burden for the country.

Through the great manufacturing and artisan tradition that has always distinguished our economy, CanapAroma believes that it is possible to return to being a leader in this type of industry only through the creation of collaborations and consortia able to obtain a synergistic effect between all the Italian hemp-growing realities.


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