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We are Danish breeders of feminized cannabis and skunk seeds with more than 25 years of experience in cannabis breeding work.

We only sell seeds we have bred ourselves and not mass-produced BULK seeds like many other dealers – this is your guarantee of getting a part in a unique breeding work when you buy cannabis and skunk seeds from CPHseeds.

Like much else, our breeding work started as a hobby, but in 2004 we started trading our cannabis seeds under the name Zenseeds, and derived international top names such as; Copenhagen Kush, Tropical Snow, KWT and Lowryder. After a burglary where we lost 95% of all our breeding work, the original owners decided to close Zenseeds.

Copenhagen Seed Company started as a natural continuation of Zenseeds with 2/3 of the original owners and two new breeders – and we are constantly working to restore the old top names and develop new and exciting crosses.

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