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Roots run deep. I laugh when people ask me how long I’ve been around cannabis and breeding. I have literally been around it my whole life. From the banks of Bayou Lafourche, to Denver CO, here is the story! My father started growing cannabis is 1984, at the beginning of what we know as indoor horticulture.He traveled the whole US and Mexico with my grandparents when he was younger and collected cannabis seeds along the way. He LOVED the speedy “Skunk weed” that he picked up in Mexico on his visits, and kept those seeds near and dear. He eventually sent cash to an address in the back of HighTimes magazine, and bought a 600w parabolic MH light and ballast. He got his soil from the bank of bayou Lafourche, let it dry and added chicken shit from my great grandmother’s backyard. After growing for a few years, he realized that he was going to eventually run out of seeds, and he knew he wanted more. He started to learn about breeding plants from the old folks in town, learned about propagation, selection, and filial generations. He soaked in everything he could about the plants, and spent 5-6 hours a day in the garden just learning. 

Come 1985, I was born. My father decided it would be a good idea to start documenting his grows to hand down to me one day. He knew that eventually cannabis would be legal, and wanted to have a head start on everyone else. 1987 is when he started getting serious about selective breeding. He made a false wall in the garage of our house, and the breeding chamber was born. He grew a few plants outdoor to smoke, but used his indoor area to make seeds. There were a couple of other brave souls in the area that grew outdoors, and he didn’t want any pollen drift to happen. 

You can see the progression over the next few years in his selection of what he called “G-Skunk” The G being the first letter in our last name. Sadly, his genetics never made it past his few close friends, which only two of are still alive. He was VERY proud of what he created, and shared info with anyone that would listen to him ramble. He didn’t have many friends outside of his very small circle, my father never owned a computer, he did say that he sent seeds to someone that had an ad in HighTimes, but never received payment. 

He always told me that he wanted to leave me with his seeds, and wanted me to pick up where he left off in 89. I have his collection of F1,F2,and F3 of his G-Skunk, but unfortunately in the process of life, the seeds were not stored correctly, and most are lost. 
He passed away in 2010, right before the waves of legalization started to happen across the US. When I started growing as an older teen, he would always give me pointers and suggestions, and even started helping me look into hydro systems and newer tek. After he passed, I moved to Colorado to start my own legacy. I would love to think that if were alive, that he would be very proud of the moves and strides that I am making in the cannabis community. I feel very lucky for the framework he laid out for me, and will never forget the lessons that were taught.

The vision of Cultivated Choice Genetics is to provide quality cannabis genetics in seed form to anyone who needs it. We strive to bring out the best in old world genetics and pair them with proven new and exciting cultivars. We love the cannabis plant and all of its different shapes and sizes, and we understand that everyone likes and needs something a little different. We strive to offer a wide range of genetics, and hope you enjoy our creations and much a we enjoy making them! We have plenty of exciting things in store over the next few years, and we welcome you along for the ride.


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