Dank House Seeds

Dank House Seeds

Our primary focus is to bring you the DANK!

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Welcome to DANK-HOUSE, sown from our love and passion of DANK.

As an organic grower for over decade, I felt it was about time to share with you, the wider Cannabis community, my passion for the herb, and to introduce my new venture DankHouseSeeds.Our primary focus is to bring you the DANK!

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service & satisfaction, as well as a number of speedy delivery options in our store from standard to stealth. We are currently offering a range of OG’s, Chems, Kushes and some other interesting modern day hybrids from DankHouseSeeds, as well as big hitters from some other well respected Breeders. DankHouseSeeds are hand-picked and packaged to the highest quality. Strains are thoroughly researched and tested, and are not released until they pass our rigorous quality control procedures…that’s right, If it ain’t DANK it ain’t gettin’ in!


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