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For over two decades, Dankonomincs Genetics has been growing and breeding cannabis strains with unmatched passion.

Dankonomics was born in the Prohibition years, before good weed was barely available and most of it was brick weed. The founder was surprised at how often they sold him hopscotch and could not get good quality seeds, so he began his search by buying seeds from Holland and creating new lines. Through trial and error, trying different breeding techniques and learning the correct way to farm from legendary breeders, Dankonomics was created.

Dankonomics have been growing their own strains for over 20 years and have tried everything to ensure good vigor and ease of growth in all their lines using only elite clones and elite seed lines to create even better hybrids.

All the seeds in the Dankonomics collection are created on recycled organic soil, without harsh chemicals or insecticides / fungicides. All seeds are overripe and cured to try to ensure longevity and vigor.

While there are a number of strains that have grown in popularity since Dankonomics’ birth, one in particular has stood out. Whitefire Funk is a cross of 91 Chem and a G13 from 1988. It maintains the flavor of Chem and the power of G13. It is fast growing with the true potency that makes it a favorite among connaisseurs who smoke it. Their Banana Kush and Stardawg hybrids are also very popular in the Dankonomics collection.

Dankonomics Genetics is constantly in the laboratory testing new strains and lines, as well as working on stabilizing existing lines to ensure many years of high genetic quality of cannabis.

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