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I first started growing weeds back in the late 90’s, before graduating high school. My family consists of many growers, so I kind of fell into it. The endless varieties always kept my attention, how one plant genus could have so many smells, flavors, and different effects. I also have a passion for photography and capturing these plants. In the early 2000’s I began ordering seeds, and becoming obsessed with all the varieties, and began consistently gaining knowledge. I joined the forum on Icmag in 2008, after lurking for a few years, and that’s when I fell in the rabbit hole. I wanted to try everything and know everything there was to know about this plant. Combining plant genes to make new varieties is particularly interesting to me, trying to find that perfect plant phenotype (hint: it doesn’t exist…. Or maybe they are all perfect… never mind, not a hint), the endless hunt.

When it comes to breeding cannabis, I follow a simple code of ethics. This should go without saying for any breeder, but unfortunately that is not always the case. I always give strain lineage, and where parents were acquired. If I use another breeders gear in a cross, I give credit where credit is due. When it comes to smaller breeders I will always ask you before I push any seeds, Im always down for mutually beneficial breeding projects most cases we can work something else. Some cuts and seed packs come with stipulations, I honor them! I pride myself on my word and integrity, and my work is pretty damn transparent if you follow my IG.


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