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 East Coast Genetics is a North Carolina based cannabis genetics company focused on high CBD and CBG cultivars. Our research and development team breeds and develops plants that promote vigorous growth, disease resistance and compliant cannabinoid content.

We strive to provide plant genetics growers can trust and rely upon in a changing industry, and assist our clients with our years of experience in the hemp space.

Our team has worked meticulously to produce femenized seed for farmers in 2020. We took our best cultivar (Baox) and self pollinated it using proprietary methods to produces seed. We then ran 5,000+ through germination trials and flowered more than 1,800 to test feminization and cannabinoid levels periodically through the flower cycle. Growers can count on a 97% germination rate and 98% feminzation rate. We are proud to promote these seeds and we plan on growing over 3,000 plants on our research and development farm.

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