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Elite Seeds is a pioneering company and the only seed bank that has varieties of marijuana with a high content of THCV and CBDV. We have our own laboratories in the Science Park of the University of Valencia. This allows us to truly develop our biotechnological project, varieties with specific cannabinoid content such as CBD, THC, THCV and CBDV … We enter the online world so that you can get to know us better, be able to offer you technical information and share very useful scientific articles, both for the playful and recreational aspect, how about the medicinal use of the marijuana plant. Always from the perspective of own cultivation for self-consumption.

The technical method is joined by the passion for cannabis and the fight for legalization, especially self-cultivation, which we have been practicing since, part of the current Elite Seeds team, Iñaki García (engineer and biotechnologist), Clara Camarena (design) and Ana Ramón (administration) we founded AVEC (Valencian Association for Cannabis Studies) in 1997. We are fully aware of the tastes and appetites of consumers and growers, we are endorsed by the experience in dealing with our Kanopia store, which was the first grow store in Valencia, in 1999. We feel cannabis as a culture, similar to that of wine, with its aromas, its effects, and we are committed to a rational use of marijuana, which always starts from information and knowledge.

Elite Seeds was founded in 2007 in order to create cannabis strains with the most sought-after characteristics and aromas. Thanks to our university training in agricultural engineering, biotechnology, genetics and plant breeding, we soon understood the importance of knowing the amount of cannabinoids in the genetics we were working with, and how we could work with them to achieve our purposes. For this reason, we decided to invest in setting up our own laboratory to analyze cannabinoids and undertake a long process of breeding and crosses to obtain a catalog of marijuana varieties with specific contents of these active components. Today we are proud of our pioneering and innovative position in our industry.

Our seed bank is distinguished by using scientific analytical methods in breeding projects to achieve specific cannabinoid content (active components). In our laboratories, we research and analyze cannabinoids, using HPLC technique, in this way we can guarantee the high quantity and stability in the offspring of the contents in them in all our varieties. This is very important since, for example, a consumer who is hypersensitive to THC (who feels strong) and who purchases varieties with less than 1% THC and high CBD, must be sure that none of the seeds he grows exceeds this level THC. Well, this is the guarantee that we can offer you in Elite Seeds and that distinguishes us from other breeders who do not have our means and technical knowledge.

Currently our offer in seeds is combined by its different cannabinoid content. On the one hand, the varieties that only contain THC, which have a very strong potency and psychoactivity, whether they are indica (heavy body effect) or sativa (euphoric and mental). On the other hand, those that contain CBD and THC, which have a much more lucid and bearable effect. Within the CBD Rich we also have varieties that contain high CBD and less than 1% THC, these do not have any psychoactive effect. Thanks to this, the customer who chooses to buy Elite Seeds can not only choose between a citrus sativa or a sweet indica. In addition, you can decide HOW MUCH you want to “get high” depending on the moment and your circumstances. We also work innovative marijuana varieties unique on the market rich in other components such as THCV and CBDV.