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Fancy Weed is a accomplished Marijuana Breeder located Washington State, in the US. Fancy has been collecting marijuana strains and breeding the same for 8 years.

My name is Jim and the owner of FancyWeed and have been involved with medical marijuana for almost 12 years in Washington State. I started growing marijuana due to a severe back issue and three fusions due to an auto accident. I strarted breeding marijuana and offering marijuana seeds in 2013.

My personality drives me to be pretty anal in my endeavors. Growing other peoples strains was not good enough for me. I looked at most of the strains and for the most part saw them as more of the same old shit. Furthermore most marijuana breeders breed for one thing or another. Not to develop a truly good plant that not only is fun to grow but exhibits the qualities that I wanted in my garden. 

I can still hear one of my friends and a fellow marijuana breeder say to me “Jim you can’t smoke structure!”

So I started collecting marijuana plants that exhibited some of the characteristics that I found to be essential in a good plant. For many years it was a joke around my place, “There goes Jim again throwing plants over the fence!” I went through most of the strains you have all heard of and probably a few you haven’t.

At one time I had 17 strains. I vividly remember thinking why am I collecting all this shit. Its not what I want to grow, its not what  I want to be known for. I figured you cant make a silk purse out of a pigs ear. So once again I started throwing plants over the fence! I think at that time I ended up with 5 to 6 strains that were rock solid and still have a few of them due to how special they are. At that time I started breeding plants and producing marijuana seeds.

The Characteristics That I Cherish and Breed For In My Plants
  • First of all STRUCTURE! I believe that for a plant to be fun and hassle free to grow it must be a strong plant. Who likes growing a plant that falls down at a hint of pistols! In my humble opinion a plant that is not strong is not a properly bred plant. This is the product of breeders that only breed for one characteristic or another. The strains that i produce are for the most part strong and stand up well in flower. When doing pheno hunting structure is one of the first things I cull for. 
  • Vigorous secondary branching! I like a plant that naturally develops lots of secondary branching. I am not saying that I don’t top and train my plants. But I like a plant that develops a lot of side branching. Not only is she a good looking plant, but she also produces!
  • Flavor! Who wants to burn a bowl and have it taste like lawn grass? Flavor is very important in a strain. One of the first things people say when they try some of my bud is how good it tastes. I am proud of that.
  • Frost! Frost is important not only for bag appeal but for oil production. FancyWeed also processes extracted cannabis oils. So naturally we breed for unbelievable frost. All of our genetics are massive frost producers.
  • Bud production! We all want plants that pound out copious amounts of bud. Enough said!
  • Color! I am now concentrating on color now. I even have some killer strains not yet released but am going to continue with the projects with color in mind. I have been looking for plants with color that were in other ways good plants for years. I have now a good amount of genetics that exhibit color and the other stuff! What they don’t have I will work on. My goal is to produce high quality marijuana seeds from strains that exibit the qualities I desire in a marijuana plant. We are dedicated to producing elite marijuana strains and genetics that growers will be proud of. 

We currently ship our marijuana seeds all over the United States including Washington Marijuana Seeds, Oregon Marijuana Seds and Genetics, California Marijuana Seeds, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois, Delaware, Connecticut, Nevada, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Maryland and Montana, Oklahoma Marijuana Seeds and Genetics, Massachusetts, Illinois.


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