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Our genetics have been underground for over 15 years – recently we unleashed our brand to the world. We have 8 truly amazing strains in our collection, each one completely unique and like no other. All our seeds are of the highest premium quality and are not mass produced like ones from other seed breeders. Our genetics are bred in spain by an experienced team and are exclusive to our company, you wont find the same strain anywhere else.

By keeping our production on a relatively smaller scale to some of the bigger players on the scene we can guarantee a much higher quality product.

The positive feedback we’ve received from our customers has been overwhelming , we pursue our genetics to get the very best of the best.

All our seeds are 99.9% feminised. We are the ONLY seed bank in the word to actually guarantee ALL our seeds. We have 8 cannabis strains available as single’s, 5’s and 10’s.