Fire Garden Pharms Genetics

Fire Garden Pharms Genetics

Fire Seeds from California

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Fire Garden Pharms Genetics is a breeding company started originally in california we moved over to massachusetts to the east coast and currently have 5 strain in stock named the following inner peace (f1 and f2s), inner peace v2.0 (inner peace v1 f2 x tahoe grapevine og), tahoe grapevine og(tahoe og x grape kush (clone), tahoe grapedawg (tgog (male) x stardawg (corry haime cut), and peacedawg(inner peace f1 male x stardawg corey haime cut).

Our inner peace is a polyhybrid that was made using a silver cannatonic female and a male of our discontinued line of our own variation of spacejam,which consisted of tangiedawgwaltz x baylien (fire alien og x animal cookies by unknown prophet)


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