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Freedom of seeds are extremely dedicated to producing amazing top quality cannabis seed genetics. Working very closely with our Canadian, Spanish, and Dutch cannabis seed breeding friends we have created mind blowing high yielding connoisseur Regular, Feminized, and Auto-flowering strains for a very reasonable price. Our aim is to offer all our valued customers a reliable and trust worthy service. Thank you to all old and new customers, because without your support we would not be able to achieve the high quality genetics we are so well known for in the cannabis seeds breeding world.

Top-quality cannabis seeds from seed banks all over the world.Cannabis seeds at are the best of the best weed seeds you can buy on today’s market.

Cannabis seeds at are the best of the best weed seeds you can buy on today’s market. All our seeds are produced by respected seed banks who have spent decades by selecting and stabilizing the most potent, healthy and resistant cannabis genetics for future generations. No matter if you are a novice grower, expert or collector of cannabis seeds, our collection is prepared to meet high expectations of every cannabis lover. Browse our smart categories and discover well-known old school strains, new hybrids or seeds with proved medical effects.

Freedom of Seeds is the best place to buy cannabis seeds on-line.

Cup Winners

Great place for the most demanding collectors and connoisseurs is our collection of Cup Winners. Quality and taste of these cannabis seeds was tested and proved in the strongest competition of the most famous cannabis events.

Our Best Selection

The best selection of our genetics in one place. We prepared a special category for those who are looking for something exceptional. Our Autoflowering, Feminized and Medical cannabis seeds are all easy to grow strong plants with high potential.

Feminised Seeds

For those who want to save time and energy by using only female seeds. Get the most from your hard work.

Autoflowering Seeds

Collect easy to grow and fast flowering plants with autoflowering attributes. Non-photoperiod cannabis.

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