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French Touch Seeds

Since 2010, we have created a collective of breeders with a simple objective. The preservation of rare elite clones especially those coming from France but also any interesting variety that cross our path! Due to the legislation in force in France, our company is for the moment based in Spain without that affecting our French Touch!

The future

We are passionate about following the worldwide movement around hemp in general and we hope for a green future with safe and quality medicine for all! Keep it growing!

A French seed bank!

We are particularly sensitive to the conservation of old varieties and will also add landraces from different corners of the globe, starting with two varieties of Reunion already available: K1 and Mangu’Carot.

Our Philosophy

French touch seeds recommends recycling, simplicity. The cultivation of a healthy seed that is simple to cultivate without dispersing and focusing on the very demanding work demanded by our passion that is Breeding.

The current market does swear by feminized seeds and we have been forced to respond to this growing demand but we guide seasoned cultivators towards regular seeds and the conservation of their favorite strains, passions and practices widespread among our compatriots.