Gabriel Cannabis

Gabriel Cannabis

When you grow the finest legal cannabis, there's a craft to every single step

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Skilled Gardeners work steadily to keep plants in rotation from seed to vegetative and bloom rooms using only the finest organic nutrients.

Our cultivation rooms are completely sealed – There are no vents to the outside and the entire environment is controlled from within the room. This provides the plants with the perfect environment where the temperature can be comfortable, humidity can sit steady and pesticides aren’t ever necessary.

Our cooling systems recapture the humidity given off by the plants as condensate and that water is filtered and PH balanced, then reused to water the plants again and again.

The stalks are cut from their root and then hung to dry for 7 days inside of our one of a kind cedar cellar. Temperature, and humidity are constantly monitored to take the perfect amount of moisture out of the cannabis while it dries.

The buds are then trimmed and cured for at least 14 days within our cedar cellar in a variety of handcrafted cedar boxes. Then, each and every bud is meticulously combed over to ensure the trim is up to our standard of excellence.

The cannabis itself may be the most obvious element in our craft story, but skilled glass artisans hand measure and form our GABRIEL jars, using mostly recycled glass. The jars are durable, clean and feature our signature nugnafyingTM glass on the bottom of each jar.

Our regard for the environment extends all the way to the Moso forest, where our lids are born. There, workers cut eco-friendly bamboo, which is the fastest growing plant in the world. Because bamboo is so good at capturing carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it within the stalk and root styem, all GABRIEL lids are carbon negative at
the time of manufacture.

You can almost taste the passion that goes into each jar of GABRIELtt Cannabis, from artisan-crafted sativa strains, to the decadence of indica dominant strains and the unparalleled somoothness of our hybrid varieties.

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