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The varieties that you have acquired are the fruit of many years of hard work and study.  The numerous trials and exacting analysis have been done in order to guarantee the unique characteristics of each one and the unnegotiable quality of them all.  All Genofarm seeds are selected and packaged one at a time by our experts. 

These Genofarm seeds fall into the following categories:

  • Feminized (Fem.) All the plants will be female.
  • Feminized-Autoflowering (Auto Fem.) These plants will be female and autoflowering; harvest is between 70-90 days after germination.
  • High CBD content (CBD) CBD (cannabidiol) is cannabinoid without any intoxicating effects, but which is highly valued for its therapeutic qualities. Chromatographic analysis of a cannabis plant would normally detect a level of about 1.4% cannabidiol. Only those strains that have more than 6% of cannbidiol obtain the CBD appellation by Genofarm.
  • Regular (Regular) These seeds will produce both male and female plants in about equal portions. However, make sure you remove the males unless you want to produce seeds.

Genofarm seeds are packaged to protect and preserve seed viability over a long period of time. The temperature recommended for preservation of our seeds is around 7ºC, and always in a dry place. The refrigerator is normally a good idea. Additionally, a silica gel pouche can help protect the seeds from humidity. Humidity and high temperatures can ruin your seeds. And never put weight or pressure on the seeds before germinating.