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old Leaf Gardens transcends its initial success as a medical provider to a now thriving i502 farm in the Washington state recreational market. With a selection of award-winning cannabis strains, hashish, and rosins, the Gold Leaf team has undoubtedly consolidated its legitimate position as one of the state’s most sought-after farms.

The Gold Leaf way is one of true harmony with nature. Using artisanal soil with live, healthy organic compounds (microbial life, beneficial bacteria, and symbiotic insects) gives your plants the best environment to express their flavor and cannabinoid profiles.

With minimal inputs after the initial “nutrient loading” stage, the Gold LEaf team simply controls lighting, temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels as plants are cared for throughout their growth cycles. Each plant is carefully trimmed to maximize yield and grow space. This commitment to respecting the plant throughout its lifecycle is evident in their finished product.

Introducing the first true 100% cannabis cigar, rolled exclusively with the Gold Leaf Gardens flower, all resin wrapped with exquisitely tied outer leaves. Featured and named “The World’s Most Expensive Cannabis” by Forbes Magazine, LEIRA represents success, luxury and sophistication. The leaves are selectively collected from the garden. The leaves are selectively collected from the garden.

High-quality organic fl owers form into a core and are carefully coated with solvent-free rosin. This combination helps to express the flavors and psychedelic characteristics of the flower. The leaves are meticulously wrapped around the core and then set to cure for a minimum of one month. The only ingredient is cannabis, from start to finish, making it one of the purest cannabis experiences available.

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