Gooey Breeder Seeds

Gooey Breeder Seeds

Enjoy different. Enjoy Gooeybreeder. Enjoy Cannaexotics.

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Gooeybreeder works with old landrace strains along with his stunning 30 year old “Gooey” marvel, renowned for its heavy resin and production give way to amazing works of Cannabis art.

We know you’ll enjoy and covet the powerful smells and tastes, uniqueness and productions you’ll get from every grow. These are true one of kind offerings that don’t contain the same old gene pools you’re used to swimming in. Medical marijuana needs fresh genes and Gooey has some amazing medical cannabis seeds. This is a great new for MMJ patients. Gooeybreeder’s Purple lines, for example, are true purples, needing no cold temps or such things to bring out striking colours. These are breath taking.

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