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In Green Bud Seeds we are a team of professionals from different parts of the world with a long experience in selecting unique genetics.  Our know-how led us to join efforts with the aim of marketing a line of high quality collection seeds which will meet the needs of any grower, from beginners who are looking for easy to grow inexpensive strains without sacrificing exceptional flavours, to the experienced and more demanding growers who want to work with the most exclusive strains in terms of aroma, yield, potency and quality.

In Green Bud Seeds you will find high yielding strains of amazing qualities, flavours and aromas. Whether you are looking for a Sativa, Indica or autoflowering strain with Rudelaris genetics, all of them have been grown following the highest standards, achieved after many years of research to find the perfect individuals which provide high hybrid vigour and outstanding qualities.

Our strains are hand selected, inspected thoroughly and subjected to a germination test that assures only collection seeds of the highest quality are put on the market with germination rates over 95%.  Our seeds are wrapped in the most rugged packaging on the market in order to protect them from possible environmental changes.  The conservation method under low temperature and humidity conditions guarantees that our seeds germinating power is well preserved.

Our quality commitment to customers therefore relies on an exclusive quality high-yielding genetics for collection full of sensational resinous flavours and aromas, as well as the use of organic fertilizers and a natural feminization process which guarantees you will get female plants almost up to 100% under the right growing conditions.