Green Devil Genetics

Green Devil Genetics

Genetic selection of both feminized and regular marijuana

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Green Devil Genetics is a Spanish seed bank that has been active since 2001 working on the conservation, creation and genetic selection of both feminized and regular marijuana.

Since its inception they have created new strains that have won national awards that treasure the quality of their marijuana plants. As they are:

1st Prize Indoor Orange Haze Mallorcannabis 2014
1st Prize Hash Elderberry in Mallorcannabis 2014
1st Prize Cheesecake Herbes of the
1 Preimo Doja Bubba Berry Herbes del Dimoni 2014

They are actively working to improve, selecting cannabis strains both with very high THC levels for recreational / medicinal use but they are also working on strains with high CBD concentrations.

They actively collaborate with other companies that are dedicated to the study, research and development of medicinal strains as well as with companies that want to encourage the use of industrial hemp.
There are several strains that have become a flagship of this high quality seed bank, among them we find genetics such as; Orange Haze, Mr. Bubble, Doja Bubba Berry or Cheese Cake.