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The Green House Seed Company is widely regarded as the most successful cannabis business globally, having won over 42 High Times Cannabis Cups since 1985.

Founded in 1985 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the company has expanded its offerings beyond seeds and has successfully entered various markets.

One noteworthy initiative is the “hemp hunters” or “strain hunters” group, a team with a special mission to discover and introduce intriguing cannabis varieties from remote locations, previously inaccessible due to their isolated habitats.

This global exploration adds an adventurous and exotic dimension to the company’s portfolio.

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In order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of Green House Seed Company reputation and liability, we conducted research to gather information about the company’s online reputation and reviews on third-party review websites.

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After conducting research, we found that Green House Seed Company has received reviews on Trustpilot, with an impressive average rating of 4.3 out of 5. However, we must note that Trustpilot has since closed the account for legal reasons, and the reviews are no longer available online.

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Overall, general sentiment towards Green House Seed Company is highly positive, with users appreciating the company’s extensive awards, commitment to quality genetics, and the exciting global adventures of the strain hunters.

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