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Green Work Collective was officially formed by Georgia O’Kief and Green in 2017 as a way to unify our passions for art, creativity, community and of course, cannabis.

The Collective actually formed itself through the business partnership (and ultimately close friendship – that’s never something to understate once you’ve found it) between Green (Green Work Collective) and Jd Short of Second Generation Genetics. Jd is the son of DJ Short, a legendary cannabis breeder and creator of such popular strains as Blueberry, Flo and Old Time Moonshine, just to name a few.

Jd has been sharing plants and seeds with Green Work for years, at many times not only allowing but encouraging and providing a catalyst for projects here at Green Work Collective, from electing Georgia O’Kief Designs for design of several releases of DJ Short genetics under DJ’s Old World Genetics brand, to keeping the Green Work breeding stable stocked with fresh and healthy mother, and sometimes even father, plants to work with.

Georgia O’Kief Designs produces all of our graphic design work, including logos for Green Work Collective, Green Work Seeds, Second Generation Genetics and Full Spec Genetics.

Green has been carefully curating a smoke shop complete with everything from rolling papers to dank glass, with a focus on giving you sweet deals on great and hard to find products, some that you may not have been familiar with before seeing them in our shop. Georgia has gotten very good at her KNF skills and we’ll be offering KNF inputs at a very affordable price in our Grow Store.

Now after years of working together, we’re finding a need to connect more with the rest of the cannabis community in a more personal and intimate setting than standard social media, so here we are and here you are.


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