GrindHouse Medical Seeds Co

GrindHouse Medical Seeds Co

GrindHouse to supply tha needs of patients at fair prices

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GrindHouse is a collection of highly esteemed Breeders with one common goal, to spread high quality genetics at a very reasonable price to tha California Medical Community.

We hold tha belief that quality and affordability can go hand in hand benefiting everyone involved, from tha Breeders , to tha distributor, tha Med clubs and most of all tha patient. Every club solicited, and we have been to MANY, is scrutinized against a fist full of requirements. They must be held in high regard in tha Medical Community, providing other services to tha patient other than meds including but not limited to, Massage Therapy, Eastern Medicine (acupuncture, Herbal Medicine) Nutritional counseling, legal counseling and yoga. These are services that are important and that patients should have available to them.

Just as these clubs we solicit have a common theme, serve tha patient, we hold this thought close to our hearts as well . With tha collection of Breeders we’re working with now and in tha future, we have a common theme as well, serve tha patient.

One way of doing that is to provide reasonably priced genetics but also to offer full customer support and service. Full communication with tha clubs we deal with but also making it clear that we’re here to answer any and all questions that pertain to growing out our selections. We REQUIRE that all vendors in tha GrindHouse catalog provide support.

If we can’t get a vendor to answer questions ’bout their product, we just can’t work with ’em, as this is a unique service that not all bean sellers at clubs offer, and one that we feel will help set us apart from tha “other guys”

We don’t believe that selling super, high dollar beans (with mediocre potency), in a cracker jack package, is really a benefit to tha community, yes you will be able to make a million dollars off cloning your favorite plant, but we’re not talking about commercial growers and such, we’re talking about sick people with real ailments. And alot of these folks live on fixed incomes …so really, where’s tha compassion?

With beans from our collection, you can bet you’re getting super, high quality and tested seeds. One more reason to demand that vendors go through tha GrindHouse to supply tha needs of patients at fair prices.


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