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Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds is a California-based company dedicated to providing premium cannabis seeds and fostering a community of growers.

They offer a diverse selection of premium cannabis strains, prioritizing freshness by hand-picking, inspecting, and testing seeds before packaging them in medical-grade glass vials.

The company guarantees a 90% germination rate and replaces seeds that do not germinate. Customer care is a priority, with various contact options available for inquiries and support.

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In order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of Growers Choice Seeds reputation and liability, we conducted research to gather information about the company’s online reputation and reviews on third-party review websites.

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Below you will find over 800 Growers Choice Seeds reviews and 2.9/5 Rating Score from Trustpilot in 2021, unfortunately Trustpilot closed the mentioned account for legal reasons and the reviews are no longer available on Internet. (See picture below)

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Based on the reviews provided, Growers Choice Seed seems to have mixed feedback from customers.

Positive reviews highlight fast delivery, superior genetics, good germination rates, and helpful customer service. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the quality of the seeds, successful growth, and yields. Some customers specifically mention the quick shipping, excellent genetics, and helpfulness of the customer service representatives.

However, negative reviews mention issues such as slow shipping, poor germination rates, receiving different seeds from what was ordered, and dissatisfaction with customer service. Some customers have reported receiving seeds that did not germinate or grew into plants different from what was advertised. Additionally, there are complaints about the company’s return policy and difficulty in obtaining replacements or refunds for faulty products.

Overall, while some customers have had positive experiences with Growers Choice Seed, others have encountered issues with their orders, leading to mixed sentiments about the company’s products and services.


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