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In this review, we will explore Herbies Head Shop’s online reputation and customer feedback from third-party sources like Trustpilot, Growdiaries, Seed Finder and Reviews.io.




Established in 2004, Herbies Seeds, also known as Herbies Head Shop, is a distinguished cannabis seed superstore with worldwide delivery located in Spain. Boasting an extensive collection of more than 2000 strains, they feature 150 of the most exceptional cannabis seed breeders from around the globe.

Herbies Seeds has an online store that has been in operation since 2006, evolving from a basic text website to a user-friendly, mobile-responsive online store.


We have found thousands of reviews and testimonials about Herbies Seeds on popular third-party rating websites like Seed Finder, Trustpilot, and Reviews.io. They have a very good reputation.

What users say about customer service?

Herbies Head Shop is well-regarded for its exceptional customer service, which is reflected in the numerous positive reviews posted on Reviews.io. Customers frequently praise the company for its friendly and knowledgeable support team, which is available to answer questions and provide assistance throughout the purchasing process.

is Herbies a reliable source?

Herbies’ dedication to providing top-notch customer service is further underscored by their satisfaction guarantee, which ensures that customers are completely satisfied with their purchases. Reviewers praise the company for their willingness to go above and beyond to resolve any issues that may arise, describing them as “trustworthy” and “reliable.”


Below you will find over 3K Herbies reviews with 4.6/5 average rating score from Trustpilot in 2021, unfortunately Trustpilot closed the mentioned account for legal reasons and the reviews are no longer available on Internet. (Check video below)


While Herbies Head Shop has a generally positive reputation, like any business, they have received a few customer complaints. Some reviewers have expressed frustration with shipping delays or packaging issues, while others have reported issues with the quality of the seeds received.

However, it’s worth noting that these negative reviews are relatively rare, and are often outweighed by the numerous positive comments from satisfied customers. Additionally, Herbies appears to be proactive in addressing customer complaints, responding to negative reviews and offering to resolve any issues that may arise.

Overall, while Herbies Head Shop is not immune to the occasional customer complaint, their commitment to providing excellent customer service and quality products appears to have earned them a loyal customer base and a strong reputation in the cannabis community.


Herbies is a reseller but they also offer their own strains colection for sale. You will find top rated autoflowering and feminized strains in well-known marijuana journals like Growdiaries and Seed Finder.

Are Herbies genetics reliable?

Herbies Seeds offers a wide range of high-quality cannabis strains, and their reputation for delivering top-notch products is evident in the many positive reviews posted on GrowDiaries.com.

Reviewers praise Herbies for their excellent genetics, which produce healthy and robust plants with impressive yields. Many customers note that they’ve had great success with Herbies Seeds, with one reviewer writing,

“I’ve grown several strains from Herbies and all have been top quality.”

Growdiaries Review

While there are a few negative reviews regarding the quality of some seeds received, the overwhelming majority of feedback is positive, with customers describing Herbies as a “great seed bank” with “top-quality strains.”

How many strains are available?

Customers appreciate the vast selection of strains available, with many commenting on the quality and reliability of the seeds. They have over 2000 strains available.

Lastest reviews from Growdiaries

What about product promos?

Customers also appreciate the frequent sales and promotions offered by Herbies, which make it easier to try out new strains without breaking the bank.

What are the best rated strains?

The most popular and best-rated Herbies Seeds feminized strains are:

1. Grandmommy Purple10/1033
2. Mimosa Shot9/1030
3. Runtz Punch8/1029
4. Godzila Glue #48/1029
5. DDoS 3310/1027

The most popular and best-rated Herbies Seeds autoflowering strains are:

1. Gelato Auto7.5/1026
2. Godzila Cookies Auto10/1027
3. Purple Juice Auto8/1023

What are the top rated breeders?

If you are looking for Breeders on Herbies seed-shop, find below the top 10 best rated breeders on Herbies online superstore.

1. Fast Buds8.8/10
2. Barney’s Farms8.7/10
3. Green House Seeds8.5/10
4. Dutch Passion8.6/10
5. Royal Queen Seeds8.7/10
6. Seedstockers8.7/10
7. Original Sensible Seeds8.7/10
8. Sweet Seeds8.8/10
9. Nirvana Seeds 8.4/10
10. Humboldt Seeds8.9/10


Herbies offers worldwide shipping. All shipments are discreet and with tracking number.

What customers say about shipping service?

Reviewers from Reviews.io appreciate the discreet and speedy shipping provided by Herbies, which ensures that customers receive their orders in a timely and secure manner. Many customers also highlight the company’s commitment to quality, with one reviewer noting that they “always receive high-quality seeds.”

Find below recent customer reviews on Reviews.io commenting about shipping and delivery in different countries like the US, Australia and New Zealand:

Is shipping Stealth and Discreet?

The company’s commitment to quality is also evident in the packaging and shipping of their products, with many customers noting that their orders arrived quickly and discreetly.

Delivery Time

Delivery time in the United States and Canada:

Regular Shipping2 to 3 weeks
New Express Shipping2 to 3 days

Delivery time in Oceania:

CountryShipping MethodDelivery Time
New ZealandRegular Shipping2 to 3 weeks
AustraliaRegular Shipping4 to 5 weeks

Delivery time in the UK:

Regular Shipping3 to 9 biz days

Delivery time in Europe:

CountryShipping MethodDelivery Time
FranceRegular Shipping1 to 3 biz days
GermanyRegular Shipping1 to 5 biz days
SpainRegular Shipping1 biz day


Herbies online store is user friendly, well designed with an excellent checkout funnel. The store is easy to navigate and to order. Product descriptions are well documented.

If we talk about security, we’ve analyzed Herbies online store traffic sources, security, and privacy assets. We can conclude that herbiesheadshop.com website and online store are 100% safe.

herbiesheadshop.com traffic data from Similar Web.

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herbiesheadshop.com passed Norton Safe Site Test, Sucuri and Google Transparency Report.

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