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No Profit Organization “Asociacion Solorganico ” has started this project to help maintain the costs of the breeding programs and preservation of mother plants and heirloom varieties . We are here to compensate them for their amazing job with the relief of patients and for their struggles and efforts to mantain and preserve biodiversity and for their  eco friendly ” quality over quantity ” philosophy . Thanks for making available these organic grown seeds to all of us and helping respect the Nature.

We believe that to obtain a perfect experience we had to take care of every aspect of it and to do so it is important to start with the best genetics.

Tested and trusted cultivars of healthy plants grown in natural condition as terpenoids and flavonoids research longside with cannabinoids are the key for a successfull beginning , that is the reason why we  provide only already tested  full mature high quality seeds  with 100 % germination rate pick handed and tested.