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HLW Seedbank – Hemp Like Weed

HLW Seedbank – Hemp Like Weed

Low thc and high cbd seeds

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Hemp Like Weed is the first Italian seedbank made only of genetics BELOW THE LEGAL THC LIMIT, selected from the best certified varieties. In addition, in the HLW team you will find the best varieties of Legal Weeds in the form of collectible feminized seeds.

The project stems from the need to find stable and quality seeds, the result of the work of our breeders, who select from thousands of lots of the best “flowering” hemp varieties (such as Eletta Campana, Carmagnola CS, Fibranova, Finola, Kompolti etc. …) have managed to find phenotypes that in terms of production, speed and aroma have nothing to envy to Dutch and Spanish THC genetics.

In addition, some of these seeds have been crossed with the best Legal Cannabis varieties circulating in Italy and Switzerland such as Lemon Kush, Dinamed CBD, Electra, Candida CD1, The Unicorn, Joint Therapy, Cherry, Charlotte, T1 etc … all at AN ACCESSIBLE PRICE TO ALL !!!

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