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Working for Breeder Steve in the former “Spice of Life” seeds facilities in Lugano, Switzerland 14 years ago was a major inspiration.

Back in the day it became very clear, that there are many more flavors to be discovered in the marijuana world then what was commonly produced by the established Dutch and Spanish seed companies and clone growers at that time.

Ever since the “Hortilab Seeds” team has been collecting, growing and breeding exotic seed lines and clones from around the world in order to search for the holy grails of cannabis.

Nowadays “Hortilab Seeds” is committed to providing finest quality new school cannabis genetics to people in Europe and around the globe.

Working with carefully selected european as well as North American breeding stock, enables us to breed genetics which stand out in flavour, potency and yield.

Our goal is to save and share the valuable results of our extensive work for ourselves, as well as other growers worldwide, to enjoy.

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