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Hybrids From Hell

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Hybrids From Hell is a tribute to the crazy hybrids and the aim is a great genetic, in and outdoor lineup, made with love and care, from brothers and sisters from all over the world.

The hybrids presented will reflect the breeders best work. Fair prices, medical and sharing considerations are leads in the HFH collective. Already HFH has 10-15 special souls out there, armed and ready to spread hell on earth!

HFHs goal is to deliver the best posible outdoor genetics for the northern outdoor grower. Traits like early harvest, mold resistant and good potens are mainpoints in our work. The new version of Leb27 is really promising as the strugle to add more potens seemed to work and still with harvest time around sep 15 on lats from 56-61. Even earier is the new Monk from “new” genetics found in a little village in Jutland.

Also i had some really good experiences with the Super07 hybrids that i worked for some years now. These gives a very sweet and happy long sativa high. More info and pictures to come. Last but not least, HFH are only offering regular seeds, no thanks to femis, lifes to shot and non boring.The prices on good cannabis seeds are in my opinion much to hyped and high. Another HFH goal is to bring things down to earth and offer the often poor growers fair prices.


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