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General Reviews & Online Reputation

In order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of ILGM reputation and liability, we conducted research to gather information about the company’s general reviews on third-party review websites like TrustPilot, Reseller Ratings and Kiyoh Ratings.

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General Product Reviews

We conducted research to gather information about the company’s general product reviews on third-party review websites like Growdiaries and Seed Finder in order to find positive and negative growers experiences.

Latest Growdiaries Reviews

Are ILGM seeds good?

Yes, ILGM is known for having good genetics. The company uses its own breeding program and sources seeds from trusted breeders worldwide to ensure high-quality genetics for their customers.

A very good sign of the quality of the strains is the fact that ILGM Seed Bank won several cannabis cups. In addition they give germination guarantee by following the recommended procedure in their Germination Guide.

They have good strains reviews in the following third party grow journal websites: Growdiaries, Reddit produces their own seeds, which are a result of crossbreeding some of the best cannabis strains in the world. They also source seeds from reputable breeders and seed banks.

The company is committed to providing high-quality seeds and ensuring genetic consistency in their strains. They have a team of expert growers who carefully select and test each seed to ensure its quality before offering it for sale on their website.

Shipping Service Reviews

ILGM operates a warehouse located in California and provides a convenient, hassle-free shipping service that includes free shipping and order tracking.

Their average delivery time to the USA is approximately four days, and they also offer guaranteed delivery for added peace of mind. With their commitment to fast and secure shipping, ILGM ensures that customers receive their orders in a timely and efficient manner.

Does ILGM ship to Australia?

No, they don’t. While ILGM used to ship to Oceania in the past, they currently only ship to the US.

If you are looking for Seed Banks shipping to Australia go to

How long does shipping take from ILGM?

The average delivery time in the US is 2 to 4 business days after payment. They offer free and discreet shipping with guaranteed delivery.

Is shipping discreet?

On the package you wont find any reference to cannabis or seeds. It is not really stealth shipping, inside the package are only seeds bags with a reference number, no merchandising like t-shirts or hats. (See video below)

Video Source: Youtube

Payment Methods

ILGM offers a variety of payment options to make purchasing cannabis seeds as easy and secure as possible. They accept payments via credit card, Bitcoin, cash by post and bank transfer. Additionally, they offer a 10% discount for customers who choose to pay with Bitcoin.

When paying with a credit card, ILGM ensures the safety of customers’ personal and financial information by using a secure and encrypted payment gateway. However, due to the nature of the business, credit card statements may show a different company name to ensure privacy.

For those who prefer to use Bitcoin, the company provides a step-by-step guide on how to make a payment. Customers who pay with Bitcoin can enjoy faster processing times and added discounts.

Lastly, ILGM offers bank transfer as a payment option for customers who may not feel comfortable sharing their credit card information online. They provide detailed instructions on how to make a bank transfer payment to ensure a smooth transaction process.

Overall, ILGM provides multiple payment options that are both secure and convenient for customers. With the added bonus of discounts for Bitcoin payments, customers can rest assured they are getting the best value for their purchase.

Coupons & Deals

It wasn’t easy to find but they have a hidden deals page on where you can get discounts codes for 10$ and 5$. In addition they show promos with free seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is ILGM located?

ILGM has 2 offices, one in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and the company headquarters and warehouse in Modesto, California.

Find below ILGM office in Amsterdam:

Is it safe to order seeds from ILGM store?

Yes, it is safe.
First of all, we have analized the website and store and we can say that they have secure online store environment that meets safety and security standards.
Second, passed Norton Safe Site Test, Google Transparency Report and Sucuri Report, both security checkers.
Thirdly, they have a Privacy Policy that guarantees the rights of users.

How many strains are available?

You can find +120 strains available on their online store.

Does ILGM sell wholesale seeds?

Yes, they sell seeds in bulk.
From orders over $5.000 you can contact them at



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